SMARTS Fabric Friends | SMARTS Tabletop Stages, Grades 4-8


SMARTS Fabric Friends, Grades 4-8 (Sarah L)

Before people were dependent on mass production and box stores, a large portion of toys were handmade. Dolls were a popular choice, and they were often customized and fit the personality and appearance of the owner. These dolls stayed in families for years as keepsakes and heirlooms. Ask your parents or grandparents—they may have put a doll or rag doll up for safe keeping! Fabric Friends can be creatures, or animals as well; make an alligator or a teddy bear. The choice is yours, we are going to create our friends and learn the skill of hand-sewing. Hand-sewing is useful beyond working through the creation of our own unique dolls and can be used to mend a shirt, jacket, or a tiny hole in your pants! After we create our unique doll, we will construct their clothes and accessories. Feel free to bring any examples, specialty fabrics, yarns, or threads you would like to use. Students must bring their own labeled lunch and drink.


 SMARTS Tabletop Stages, Grades 4-8 (Jeremiah K)

All stories take place somewhere, they each have their own unique settings. Plays take place on stages and those stages are set to look like the era, location, and/or description of a scene or story. A team of people usually work to set stages and build the props that will be used throughout the play. We will be building a small stage and creating props as a team. We will pick some themes, eras, and concepts to work with. Then we will build some amazing stage options for our Fabric Friends to have a place to hang out, and possibly create some art of their own. Students must bring their own labeled lunch and drink.

The SMARTS Double Duty of this pairing is a unique opportunity to experience theater, while being involved in the behind the scenes processes.