SMARTS Program Manager

Position Description: The SMARTS Program Manager will work directly with the SMARTS President to creatively design and coordinate day-to-day activities of quality arts education programming with teachers, students, partners, schools, and/or community organizations during and after school.  Alongside the supervision and coordination of programming, the Program Manager will contribute as a creative member of the team through teaching, program development, and community engagement. They will actively seek to make new relationships and nurture ongoing ones with community stakeholders and partners.

The SMARTS Program Manager is the face of SMARTS in our community partnerships, visiting our partner locations and providing guidance to SMARTS Community Teacher Artists that we ‘plant’ to  teach at partner sites.  Working along with SMARTS staff they will seek out professional development opportunities and train and mentor SMARTS Community Teaching Artists to remain at the forefront in their disciplines.


Decision Making: Team thinking in conjunction with the President and sound judgement with concern for our customers and the organization.

Mental Demand: Attention to detail, strong organizational skills, flexibility, creative problem solving, and ability to synthesize information into the larger picture.

Character of Supervision: Consult with the Education Director and President in the hiring/releasing of Program Teachers/Staff, oversee and evaluate their work. Serve in a leadership role for SMARTS community partners.

Independence: Must be able to work independently and in a group.

Environment: Expected to create an environment where all children and adults are welcome and accepted.



  • Assists in providing creative leadership for SMARTS quality arts education public and/or community programming. Assists in providing leadership for community engagement events.
  • Responsible for operations during programming hours when applicable.
  • Must be able to substitute for teachers.
  • Must understand arts teaching and learning including interdisciplinary arts curriculum, arts integration curriculum for PK-12 students, and professional development for teachers.
  • Manages and supervises day-to-day activities at partner locations, including students, staff members and facility.
  • Recruits and co-manages teachers under the guidance of the President.
  • Assists teachers in developing class offerings, classroom curriculum, and lesson plans following state or national standards, observing instruction, providing feedback, and offering support for classroom management.
  • Creates programming schedules in alignment with SMARTS calendar and funding.
  • Schedules teachers for programming and generates contracts.
  • Assists in management of database and updating student profiles.
  • Responsible for information to complete monthly payroll and billing.
  • Compiles data for reporting purposes.
  • Assists Education Director in planning and hosting professional development sessions for SMARTS teachers, teachers from local school systems and programs.
  • Maintains classrooms, supplies, and equipment.
  • Implements pre/post assessments and assists with program reports and data.
  • Serves as a liaison to SMARTS families, teachers, and students by communicating with them about upcoming events, classes, and programming issues.
  • Meets with SMARTS President and Staff when applicable.
  • Must follow SMARTS Dress Code.

Other Functions & Responsibilities: Performs other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree with minimum of five years professional experience in visual art, music, dance, theater, writing, and/or education. Will require a flexible schedule including evenings and weekends. Must have an understanding of basic software packages to include Microsoft Office, Google Drive and a working knowledge of database programs. Valid driver’s license and BCI/FBI background check.

Desired Qualifications: Excellent communication, interpersonal, management, writing, and creative skills. Self-motivated, innovative, and team-oriented with the ability to organize, work with others and multi-task. Arts teaching experience in a PK-12 setting with certification.

Physical Requirements: Occasional lifting required; must be able to move and transport minimum 20 pounds of programming equipment and supplies.

SMARTS Bookkeeper

Position Description: The SMARTS Bookkeeper works directly with the President and SMARTS Circle  Treasurer to record and account for any expenses, income and financial matters. Handles all financial  paperwork in regards to payroll, banking, taxes, and expenses. Tracks grants and sponsored programs  including donations.  


Decision Making: Team thinking in conjunction with the President and sound judgment with concern for  our customers and organization. Must have a high degree of integrity and be trustworthy with financial  and confidential information.  

Mental Demand: Strong attention to detail, organization skills, flexibility and creative problem solving. Character of Supervision: Must be able to work independently and under the supervision of the President. Independence: Must be able to work independently and in a group. 

Environment: Expected to create an environment where all children and adults are welcome and  accepted. 


Prepare deposits 

Process checks/payments – as instructed by SMARTS President 

Maintain confidentiality regarding financial and human resources information. Fact-check accounting 

Notify senior staff of accounting errors  

Track grants and prepare financial reports 

Attention to detail and accuracy 

Able to multi-task prioritize, work under pressure and meet deadlines 

Communicate complex data clearly 

Excellent data entry skills 

Familiarity with a wide range of financial transactions including Accounts Payable and Accounts  Receivable 

Communicate with outside vendors regarding purchases, accounts, etc


o Processed checks, debit card transactions, invoices, bills  

o Payroll expenses and related cash disbursements and liabilities per accounting firm o donations/cash or in-kind – determine class code 

o Payments received from revenue-generating programs and/or grants 

o Invoices for new grants, billings for revenue generating programs, etc.  

o PayPal transactions– obtain statement of activity and enter any donations or payments  received  

o Square transactions– obtain statement of activity and enter any donations or payments  received 

o Deposits 

o Transfers between bank accounts 

o Month-end bank reconciliations


o Retain copies of all payments, donations, grants, invoices, month-end reports and bank  statements 


o Attendance required to handle petty cash and collect any monies from  

purchases/donations as needed 

Other Functions & Responsibilities: Performs other duties as assigned. 

Reports to: SMARTS President. 


Supervision Exercised: Oversees SMARTS financial information under the direction of the SMARTS  President.  


Minimum Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in business, accounting, math or a related field. Must be  proficient in Microsoft Office and QuickBooks.  

Desired Qualifications: Must have excellent communication skills and professional attitude.  

Physical Requirements: Occasional lifting required; must be able to move and transport minimum of 20  pounds.  

SMARTS Teachers

SMARTS, Students Motivated by the Arts is in search of enthusiastic arts teachers for PK-12 students in all of our disciplines: visual art, music, dance, theater, and creative writing during the 2017-2018 school year. If you are available during the school day that is fantastic. If you can only do afterschool times or Saturdays that’s great too.

All applicants need to:

  • Be working towards or hold at a minimum of a B.S., B.A., or a B.F.A. in visual arts, music, dance, theater, creative writing, and/or a related field
  • Must have and pass a current FBI/BCI background check
  • Previous experience working with PK-12 students
  • An Ohio Teaching License is preferred
  • Have excellent classroom management skills
  • Design and execute creative curriculum that follows the Ohio State Standards
  • Keep all supplies and equipment in good working order
  • Be organized and prepared ahead for classes
  • Provide data to SMARTS using any pre and post assessments provided
  • Have a passion for teaching the arts to students of all ages
  • Flexible and open minded to new ideas and situations
  • Remain in constant communication with SMARTS Program Manager
  • Be punctual, responsible, and reliable

If you are interested, please fill out the form for potential teachers and include your cover letter and resume. This will help us to start our conversation with you.