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Meet our dedicated team of student assistants who work to make SMARTS great.

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Chloe Downey

Student Assistant

Chloe Downey is a Musical Theatre major at Youngstown State University. She also plans on minoring in Creative Writing and Music. Chloe graduated from Crestview High School as a Valedictorian with both a Fine Arts and Academic Honors Diploma. Throughout her academic career, she has had many opportunities to be involved in the arts, from being a part of many shows to performing in the band and choir to making arts and crafts in her basement. She has also had many opportunities to work with other students through tutoring and youth mentoring, and she is very excited to work with students even more! Chloe truly believes that the arts are a very important part of the world. Theatre, music, dance, art, writing, etc. provide individuals with many useful skills. She is so excited to continue pursuing what she loves while sharing that love with the world around her. She is so thankful for the opportunities that she has had so far and the ones to come. She hopes to use all types of art and imagination to inspire others and make the world a better place!

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Nate Gostey

Student Assistant

Nate Gostey is a Graphic Arts student at YSU. He is an expert painter and designer, with experience in numerous mediums, both physical and digital. He consistently ranks high in art competitions statewide and even had his works displayed in the Butler Art Museum in Youngstown and the Federal building in Columbus. Outside of art, Nate is an enthusiastic "rock hound" and casual chess player. He loves learning about interdisciplinary subjects and has a unique worldview because of it. Nate loves to pass his knowledge and experiences on to others and hopes to help everyone succeed in their own ways.

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Paula Jeffery

Student Assistant

Paula fell in love with literature at a young age, and grew to love storytelling in all its forms. This love of storytelling became a love of creating her own. She believes that any form of art can tell a beautiful story. Paula is currently studying at Youngstown State University for a bachelors in English, with a strong emphasis on literature. She hopes to encourage others to appreciate storytelling as much as she does.

Becky Keck, SMARTS President.

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