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Spring 2020 Important Dates:

  • December 28 - Classes announced
  • January 2 @ 1 pm - Enrollment opens
  • January 21 - First day of Spring Classes

About SMARTS Classes

SMARTS, Students Motivated by the Arts is a community art school located in the Ohio One Building, 25 East Boardman Street, First Floor, Youngstown, OH 44503, 330-574-2787.

SMARTS classes include Visual Arts, Music, Dance, Theater and Creative Writing. Classes are offered on a first-come first-serve basis via email throughout the year. Prior to being offered SMARTS classes, you must submit an application for each student planning to take classes. Applications are at  Currently, these classes are free to SMARTS (PK-12) students. More SMARTS classes will be offered as the year progresses.

SMARTS is a not for profit organization that operates from grants, donations and revenue generating programming. You can support SMARTS by donating, volunteering or purchasing items from the SMARTS Store. Your support will ensure SMARTS future.


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SMARTS Admissions Policy

SMARTS wants each student to have the most positive, productive classroom experience possible. The following information and rules have been created to help ensure this. Please read over this contract carefully before you sign and your child sign this digital form.

Applications for classes are accepted year-round. When classes are available, students will be contacted by mail a few weeks before the class starts. Classes are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. A waiting list is created if a class is filled. Students are contacted in order from the waiting list if a spot in the class becomes available. The next time classes are offered, students on the waiting list are given first priority. Students without applications on file may not take classes at SMARTS until an application is completed.

If for some reason you know that your student cannot attend one of his/her scheduled classes, you must call 330-313-3031 to notify SMARTS of an approved absence.

Students who miss more than three classeswithout notifying SMARTS will be asked to withdraw from this session of SMARTS classes, giving another student the opportunity to participate.

SMARTS students are expected to arrive on time for their classes. Students who are more than 15 minutes late to class will not be allowed to participate that day.

Students are expected to attend the entire class.

Parents/guardians are responsible for signing out SMARTS students when they are picked up. Students must be picked up on time. If other arrangements are necessary, they must be worked out with SMARTS staff.

Cell phones, handheld video games, hats, food, drinks, or gum are not allowed in the classrooms.

Students are expected to respect teachers, staff, classmates and the SMARTS Facility at all times. If a student’s behavior disrupts class or creates a safety problem, the following will occur:

1st offense: Warning
2nd offense: Conference with parents
3rd offense: Removal from class and withdrawal from SMARTS student rotation for one semester.

The SMARTS President reserve the right to skip offenses, depending on previous actions and safety concerns.


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SMARTS at Ohio One
25 East Boardman Street, First Floor
Youngstown, OH 44503

330-574-2787 (ARTS)