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We are excited to announce this Fall, SMARTS is offering 35 classes, held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Classes will be both in-person and live online via Zoom through Virtual SMARTS, all classes are free and open to the public, and offered on a first- come first- served basis.

SMARTS “Ultimate ART” is multimedia art class dedicated to pushing creative boundaries. Participants will receive a box of supplies each class and a challenge. We will also be hosting; SMARTS Junk Band, a class where anything can be an instrument and student will create a unique song using all different kinds of sounds. Offerings this Fall also include three Early SMARTS classes: Junk Band, Paper Mache, and Rhyme Time Storytime. We hope these classes expand curiosity, build community and foster a love for the arts!

Our goal this Fall was to deepen the creative writing program. Writing is a fundamental tool in having a voice and creating individual power.  Writing is a tool to dream, process emotions and connect with others. Writing classes feature the genres: horror, nonsense poetry, and historical fiction. Check out our range of writing classes, something will peak your interest.

Additionally, SMARTS is realigning our music programs, to advance our students’ skill-sets. The changes include a requirement to practice daily for at least 20 minutes. Practice card must be completed and will be reviewed by the teacher. The Violin program schedule has been extended and will now run for 12 weeks. SMARTS will be working to advance additional music offerings in upcoming semesters. We hope to see you soon.

Why Virtual SMARTS?

SMARTS has been growing and expanding our expertise by learning best practices and effective teaching strategies for virtual learning.  We have found that online classes are often discussed in ways that underestimate their potential. However, we have been amazed, inspired, empowered, and at times...challenged...on what our notions of what virtual learning could be.  While we believe in-person arts teaching and learning is always better, we have found that all arts disciplines and all types of students - even students with special needs - can learn and demonstrate remarkable creativity in an online class. In some ways, there are even advantages.

Virtual SMARTS classes are unlike virtual classes for school, just as all SMARTS classes are...because you pick the art you want to study and you learn directly from an artist who specializes in that art! SMARTS aims to set a new standard for learning in a traditional classroom setting by focusing on creating the next generation of artists and creative innovators. We now also aim to set a new standard for the effectiveness and wonder of learning in a virtual setting. We are excited for you to discover and create with us this year!

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All SMARTS and Virtual SMARTS classes are free, open to the public, and offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

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SMARTS, Students Motivated by the Arts, is a 501(c)3 non-profit community art school.

Address: 25 East Boardman Street, First Floor, Youngstown, Ohio 44503

Phone: 330-574-2787

Email: info@smarts.tunahelper.net

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SMARTS classes have been free and open to the public since 1997. To become a SMARTS student and receive regular communication about our class offerings, complete a new student application. Classes are filled on a first-come, first serve basis.

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