SMARTS Creative Writing

SMARTS Choose Your Own Adventure Book Writing Class

Grades 3-7

You’ve always wanted to write a book, but doing it on your own seems like a lot of work. But then SMARTS offered this book writing class, and you signed up. Turn to page 5 to see what happens next. The whole class writes the first chapter together, and it’s up to you to write some of the next sections. If you want your character to climb the mountain, turn to page 98. If you want your character to go under the bridge, turn to page 37. Before you know it, you’re learning to write in the style of a Choose Your Own Adventure Book, where you will give your reader options to decide what happens next at the end of each chapter. You share your chapters with your classmates and what do they think? Turn to page 123 to see if you’re famous. They love them! You’ve all worked together and used your imaginations to plan a wild, page-turning adventure. And now you can say you’ve written a book.

Wednesdays, 5:25 - 6:25 pm

SMARTS Heroes and Villains Fiction Writing

Grades 5-12

Do you love cheering for Bilbo Baggins, Harry Potter, Matilda, or Scooby Doo? Do you enjoy a good “bad guy” like Lord Voldemort, Count Olaf, or the Wicked Witch of the West? Create heroes and villains of your own in this exciting class where you will design the perfect fictional people for your story. Learn about characterization using appearance, dialogue, actions, quirks, hopes, fears, and more! Your characters will come to life on the page to entertain and engage your readers. Are you ready to write characters your readers will never forget? Then hurry and sign up for this page-turning class!

Tuesdays, 5:35 - 6:35 pm

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