SMARTS Classes Without Waitlists


Rock Band: Grades 5-12

Want to be a rock star but not too keen on starting a band in your parent’s garage? Join this gig! We’re looking for guitarists, drummers, singers, bassists, keyboardists – you name it. In this class the students will be working together to write original songs. Throughout the process, students will get a hands-on experience of being "in the band” from the initial stages of collaborating with each other to complete their own songs, to rehearsing together and finally recording their songs! Students of this class will get a fuller appreciation of music creation, teamwork and what it takes to actually record a hit song and perform a live show as a real band! Students must be proficient with their instrument and comfortable reading rhythms and notes to enroll.

Wednesdays, 5:25-6:25 pm



Broadway Dance

Grades 3-8

Get excited for the showy, the classy, the friendly, and the mysterious in this fun dance class where you’ll learn how to move your body to tell a story. Historically, Broadway dance was groundbreaking for theater because it gave dance the opportunity to play a major role in the plot of plays and musicals. Whether it’s Mary Poppins, Annie, Grease, or Footloose, dance brings the story to life and animates the characters. After all, we wouldn’t love Cats if the dancers didn’t bend, jump, and stretch like felines. Today, Broadway dance mixes ballet, jazz, and modern dance styles with singing and acting to get the right effect for each musical’s characters and storyline. In this class, you’ll make a statement by learning dance moves and choreography in style of Broadway. So get out your jazz hands and happy feet because it’s show time!

Thursdays: 4:20 – 5:20 pm


Modern Dance

Grades 5-12

In this class, students will work together to create their own choreography, using free, expressive styles of dance to illustrate a story without speech! This class will emphasize body movement, proximity of space, and facial expressions to create an interpretive visual narrative. Dancers will learn how to consider and engage their audience in a performance. Classes will start with static and locomotive activities that incorporate proper technique and dance vocabulary to help the students train their minds and bodies. By the end of the class, students will use all of these connections to perform a modern dance routine!

Thursdays: 4:20 – 5:10 pm




SMARTS Silent Movies

Grades 5-12

You may have heard that actions speak louder than words. This is especially true with silent movies. In this class, you’ll be introduced to the basics of movie-making, as you create an idea for a story to tell. The only trick is – you’ll have to do it without talking! In this class, you’ll analyze clips from famous silent films, starring actors Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton, to see how they utilize humor, suspense, and cause-and-effect scenes, facial expressions, and movement make the movie interesting. Learn how camera angles and basic filming techniques can help you tell your story. Each team will end the class with a complete 2-3 minute movie short. Enroll now and learn to tell stories without saying a word!

Tuesdays 4:15-5:15 pm