SMARTS Art & Mythology | SMARTS Wicked Watercolors, Grades 6-12


SMARTS Art & Mythology (Mixed Medium), Grades 6-12 (Mia M)

If you love images of centaurs, mermaids, fairies, and cyclopes OR enjoy comic books, fantasy novels, or anime, this is your class. Mythology offers such a variety of creatures and storylines to gain inspiration. Create a version of a pre-existing character/creature or make your own. Play around with the name, birth, and backstory for your character. The best part of making mythical creatures is there is no wrong or right design or color. A mermaid can be blue, green, have fins, or tentacles. What will you choose? What can you create?

Students must bring their own labeled lunch and drink.


SMARTS Wicked Watercolors, Grades 6-12 (Willie D)

Watercolors are an extremely underestimated medium. The things that you can paint and the washes that you can create are endless. Additionally, watercolors come in a variety of finishes and shimmers. They can be used with alcohol markers or colored pencils to create even more depth and dimension. This class promises not to be another boring watercolor class. We promise to show you how to use this medium in ways you never even thought possible, layer by layer! Students must bring their own labeled lunch and drink.

The SMARTS Double Duty of this pair is an in-depth exploration of multiple mediums.