SMARTS Creative Writing | SMARTS Digital Stories, Grades 4-8


SMARTS Creative Writing, Grades 4-8 (Katie M)

Dive into the world of storytelling where animals can talk, humans can fly, and the entire world becomes whatever you imagine it to be! As long as you have an imagination, you can write a great story. Students in this class will learn about the parts of a story while creating one. You must decide the characters, the setting, the problem, and decide the tone and style. Additionally, you will learn about sensory language, vivid and detailed writing, and what it means to paint a picture with your words. This class is paired with Digital Stories, where we will enter our stories to see what images AI will generate, creating a complete book.

Students must bring their own labeled lunch and drink.


SMARTS Digital Stories, Grades 4-8 (Robert K)

We will learn how to use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, as tools to help artist conceptualize their ideas. This is an interesting use for artificial intelligence. AI can only draw from what it knows. It is not generating new ideas, new requires your creativity. The way ideas are combined, assembled or blended can create entirely new art forms. AI is also helpful in guiding drawing practices, as it can generate sample images quickly. Try entering parts of your story from Creative Writing, to see what images it creates. Once we put the images and words together, we can create our digital stories. Students must bring their own labeled lunch and drink.

The SMARTS Double Duty of this pairing is an opportunity to breakdown and understand the complete process of making a story.