Doug Meets a Few Saints in Minnesota

Going the Distance for SMARTS is now EAST of the Mississippi River! Now comfortably biking along designated trails, Doug Smith continues to meet other cyclists, bike shop owners, Warm Shower Hosts (and their dogs), plus a couple familiar faces along the way between St. Cloud and St. Paul. But one of the best encounters he’s had so far during this trek across the country was a unexpected visit by his wife Jena. Their friend Justin, who is Doug’s current host in MN, pulled off the planned surprise at a local restaurant as Doug wheeled into town.


You can help our “Going the Distance for SMARTS” fundraiser by volunteering to sell “Donate By The Mile” tickets. Contact one of our SMARTS Circle Members or call us at 330-574-ARTS (2787) to help out the cause. You’ll go down as a “saint” in our books!