Is This Love? by Bob Marley, Doug Smith, and SMARTS

At just under 3000 miles, on Day 60 of Going the Distance for SMARTS, Doug’s ear worm of the day raises an existential question, “Is this love?”

Since leaving his Youngstown Pit Stop on Friday, August 3, Doug has ventured eastward into Southeast Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and now Maryland. He continues to be greeted by this country’s beautiful landscapes, creative oddities, and many friendly folks. Clearly, Doug experiences love in all kinds of ways on this amazing journey. At SMARTS, we get to see the passion for art blossom in students’ faces when they dance, act, write, draw, and play music. Is this love? You betcha!

Help us achieve our $35,000 goal, which will support an average month of SMARTS free public programming at our Ohio One location. That’s equivalent to 250 hours, including 25 different classes in Visual Arts, Music, Dance, Theater, and Creative Writing. Doug Smith’s “Going the Distance for SMARTS” trek across the U.S. will be concluding soon so please visit now and support this exciting fundraising journey by clicking on “Corporate Sponsorship” or “Donate By The Mile”.