SMARTS leads “Any Given Child” through The Kennedy Center

(WASHINGTON)—The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts has chosen Warren,
Ohio as the 20th site and first school district in Ohio for Ensuring the Arts for Any Given Child, a
program that creates a long-range arts education plan for students in grades PreK-8. The program
will incorporate existing resources of the Warren City Schools, local arts organizations, and the
Kennedy Center to create a plan for arts education specific to the city.

Any Given Child seeks to bring access and equity to each student’s arts education, using a
model that combines the resources of the school district, local arts and community organizations,
and the Kennedy Center. With the assistance of expert consultation services provided by
Kennedy Center staff and consultants, community leaders develop a strategy for arts education
that is tailor-made for the school district and community. Students Motivated by the Arts
(SMARTS) will serve as the lead arts organization for Any Given Child Warren, with Executive
Director Becky Keck as the coordinator. SMARTS has a long history in the Mahoning Valley as
a leader in arts education.