As one of the newest and youngest members to join the campaign, I have been asked the same question a dozen times: “What brought you to SMARTS?” I have found that my answer varies each time, falling somewhere between “It fills an internship requirement for school”, “I’m from the area and a nonprofit looks great on a resume!”, or “As an English and Creative Writing major, the arts are my entire life and I would love to help other students get to where I am or where they want to be”. There is only one piece of my answer that has remained constant with every question as to why I love internship: the people.

SMARTS is a program comprised of people from all different backgrounds, occupations, and lifestyles; all of whom are connected by a shared appreciation for the arts. This program is a refreshing reminder that loving and supporting the arts does not require one to be a gifted artist, or singer, or writer. Donating money or time does not require an audition or an essay. SMARTS is built off the aspirations of professionals and volunteers alike. I couldn’t be more pleased with my internship choice and am looking forward to where my summer with SMARTS leads me.

McKenzie Teter