SMARTS Fabulous Photos | SMARTS Photo Editing 101, Grades 4-12


SMARTS Fabulous Photos, Grades 4-12 (Jennifer C)

Snapping a picture is easy. Taking photos is another thing. Understanding how to use your device, working with negative space, using the rule of thirds, and manipulating framing are all important tools for learning photography. Work with symmetry, leading lines, balance, and many more photography rules. Understanding the basis of these concepts will change the way you see the world and train your eye to see the exact moments you want to capture! Along with nightly assignments, we will work to build a mini portfolio of pictures that have interest and depth. Students are welcomed to bring their own devices, or students may use a SMARTS device to complete the session. Students must bring their own labeled lunch and drink.


SMARTS Photo Editing 101, Grades 4-12 (Vince S)

Capturing quality photos is one part of building an amazing portfolio. The other part is learning how to use editing software. Understanding how to utilize these programs, will enable us to edit, highlight, and sharpen our images. We will use the tips and tricks we learn to improve our SMARTS Fabulous Photo Portfolio. Students must bring their own labeled lunch and drink.

This SMARTS Double Duty pairing provides a more accurate understanding of the photographer’s process and techniques.